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Western MA Transportation Forum announced

Delighted to see this. The Train Campaign and Western Mass Rail Coalition look forward to participating. Join us! The Western MA Legislative Delegation and community partners invite you to join us for: HOW DO WE GET THERE FROM HERE? WESTERN  MA TRANSPORTATION FORUM KEYNOTE BY SENATOR ERIC LESSER Friday, September 13, 2019 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 [...]

“Determine the best approach now” – letter from Pieter Ruig to Berkshire delegation

From my perspective, there really is only one rail proposal for travel to New York City that makes sense. My main concern is that with limited funds pursuing a sub-optimal alternative (e.g., Berkshire Flyer) will delay and short change other better approaches, or even worse, offer unintended reasons for the politicians and other skeptics to [...]

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WAMC interview with Karen Christensen

Berkshire County Nonprofit Advocates For Greater Regional Rail Access Karen Christensen is an author and the co-founder Berkshire Publishing Group in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She’s also the founder and president of the Train Campaign – what she describes as “an accidental operation that’s taken on a life of its own.” The nonprofit group works to educate the [...]

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Massachusetts legislation filed in House and Senate

A SPECIAL ACT FUNDING A STUDY OF PASSENGER SERVICE ON THE HOUSATONIC RAIL LINE HD 1892  (House) and SD 1161 (Senate)  The Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall convene a working group to be referred to as the Berkshire Passenger Rail Service Working Committee to evaluate and issue a report on the economic and environmental benefits to [...]

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Proposing a study of economic and environmental impacts

Rep. Smitty Pignatelli has been asked to be the lead sponsor of this legislation and the Train Campaign is looking forward to his sponsorship as well as support from the full Berkshire delegation: The Massachusetts department of transportation shall convene a working group to be referred to as the Berkshire Passenger Rail Service Working Committee [...]

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Rail Users Network Conference 2018

Train Campaign presentation on Passenger Rail Advocacy in the Berkshires by Karen Christensen, President of the Train Campaign:           Thanks to Trains in the Valley for these additional links: CTrail Hartford Line and Transit Oriented Development Update (PDF) John Bernick, Asst. Rail Administrator, CTDOT Expansion of Passenger Rail along the Northern End of [...]

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Become a Train Angel

The Train Campaign is run by volunteers, but we need funds in order to undertake many vital activities: keep you up to date on policy developments and make it easy to contact legislators provide regular updates about new train and transport projects enhance our website with town-level information and a "last mile" information page extend [...]

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