The Train Campaign is creating a regional map with the help of GISCorps, and provides links and background information on a whole range of proposed rail and transport initiatives.

The Berkshire Flyer

What it is: Friday/Sunday passenger service between Memorial Day and Labor Day

Where it will go: From New York City to Pittsfield, MA via Albany, NY

Benefits: Increasing and/or more convenient travel for visitors to the Berkshires, enhanced tourist activity in Pittsfield, MA

Current status: $100,000 allocated for implementation plan, with potential pilot in 2020

Next Steps: Identifying a sponsor/guarantor, addressing last-mile issues, further market study

Housatonic Railroad (The Berkshire Line)

What it is: Frequent daily passenger service on an upgraded line currently used only for freight trains

Where it will go: Between New York City and Pittsfield, MA via Southeast, NY and Danbury, CT through northwestern CT, with stops in Canaan, Great Barrington, Lee, and Pittsfield, MA

Benefits: Economic development, expanded housing options for NY and CT employees, increased full-time residency, public-sector revenue, increased property values

Current Status: MA portion of the line is being upgraded to passenger standard; new CT regional initiative launched

Next Steps: Tri-state strategic planning, public and political outreach

East-West Passenger Rail

What it is: Expanded and improved daily passenger service on the line that now has only one train per day, the Lakeshore Limited from Chicago

Where it will go: Between Boston and Pittsfield, MA via Springfield

Benefits: Better access to jobs and economic opportunities, increased mobility along the corridor, plus expanded housing options for Boston employees

Current Status: Request for Proposals issued in June 2018 for the new study, which will supplement and/or replace the 2016 NEERI study

Next Steps: Encouraging legislators and MassDOT to complete the study with NEERI recommendations in mind, pushing for timely implementation of the expanded service

Rebooting New England

What it is: A long-term economic development strategy for New England and its mid-sized cities based on a network of high-speed and high-performance rail lines

Where it will go: Between Boston, New York City, and mid-sized former manufacturing cities

Benefits: Amplifying the region’s prime economic capabilities to create the largest and most powerful innovation ecosystem in the world

Current status: Meetings and discussions with politicians, public officials, and for-profit and non-profit corporations across the region

Next Steps: Mobilize existing and emerging state and local leaders, as well as US senators and representatives