map-of-regionThe Barrington Institute is an independent nonprofit organization working to effect global change through policy research and learning initiatives.

Our work involves collaborative research and the creation of toolkits, case study collections, and print and online publications.

The Barrington Institute’s initial project is the Train Campaign, the rail advocacy organization for Berkshire and Litchfield counties and the surrounding region, sharing a vision for passenger rail as the essential framework for efficient, sustainable transportation in the 21st century.  The Train Campaign supports passenger rail initiatives including the East-West Rail Study, the Pownal line, the Berkshire Flyer, and the Housatonic Line. Our mission is to foster a robust network of rail transportation options. Learn more at

More about Barrington Institute

Barrington Institute Approach

Our approach

We are non-partisan and data-driven. Our approach is interdisciplinary, international and comparative, and we strive to balance social and cultural priorities with economic indicators.

Barrington Institute Objectives

Our objectives

We seek to make significant and measurable impact through charitable, educational, scientific, and literary initiatives, including the development and distribution of information in both print and digital formats.

Barrington Institute Status

Our nonprofit status

We are bound by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or any equivalent law, including but not limited to the making of grants to organizations that are exempt under the said Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).