From Bloomberg CityLab:

Is This High-Speed Train the First Megaproject of the Biden Era?

The president promised to go big on infrastructure. The $105 billion plan between Boston and New York City definitely fits the bill.

Conceived more than a decade ago and launched as a private initiative in 2017, the North Atlantic Rail project looks a lot like the high-speed rail networks that other parts of the world, such as Japan and France, have had for decades. Its backers hope it’s the kind of U.S. megaproject that the federal government is finally ready to pursue.

Read the entire article by clicking here. And check out the map below. Danbury and Pittsfield are, yes, on the map!

You can also listen to the Train Time podcast with Bob Yaro, recorded last week, explaining the project’s impact and priorities. You’ll see from the map below that North South Rail includes Train Campaign and Western Mass Rail Coalition priority projects: East-West Rail and the Housatonic (Berkshire) Line.